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Come Home on nr. 2 in ‘Reclamemuziek Top 40!
Come Home, the song I wrote for the TV campaign by the Dutch insurance Interpolis, was nominated for the Reclamemuziek (commercial) Top 40 in The Netherlands and I’ve got very exciting news!
We did it!!🍾 Thanks a lot to all who voted, Come Home is on nr. 2 on the Reclamemuziek Top40!! 🎉🙏

Thanks to Amp.Amsterdam and Interpolis! And congrats to Snelle and Joe Buck for being with me at the top 3!

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Film music
Het Wad on tv!


Het Wad, a nature documentary by Ruben Smit Productions. From May 6th 2020 every Wednesday on Dutch national television. I got to compose music for the whole four-part series!

Watch it here and see how beautiful the Dutch islands are.

For my showreel click here

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