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Grutto! in cinema now

The new documentary ‘Grutto!’ by Ruben Smit in Dutch cinema now!
I had the honor to work on the full soundtrack of it and did the composition, production and mixing.

Listen to the full soundtrack here!

Thanks to Xander Nichting (violin), Gied van Oorschot (Cello) Guido Nijs (flute) and Nick Jongejan (banjo).


My album ISA is out today!✨
All inspired and created in Ísafjördur, Iceland. I’ve shared a few tracks already, but I love to share with you my instrumental pieces, the first and last part of the album are a sort of ‘Tuesday Tunes’ recorded on the old Steinway I had in my working space.
Another track called ‘Vegg’ was inspired by a hike where I could only see a wall of clouds. And then there’s a piece called ‘Twilight Cafe’ with sounds of the downstairs cafe.
Let me take you to that beautiful place through my music💚

Check it here!

Also available on Bandcamp!

Thanks again to everyone involved🙏
ArtsIceland Residency, Arnór Einarsson (video The Train Goes On), Nienke Broeren (boot percussion), Melissa Scharroo (Capribee, artcovers), Coenraad Dingemans (mastering).

Written, performed, produced and mixed by Sofia Dragt.

EP Islands

After releasing several singles that I wrote at the beautiful island of Fleinvaer in northern Norway, I now present to you my EP ‘Islands’! With it’s fourth single ‘Out Of Town’ it’s completed.

Stream or download here!

Released with my own Island ‘Slow TV’ with footage of the Dutch ‘Wadden’ islands, by Ruben Smit Productions and shot by Melchert Meijer zu Schlochtern.
Watch en enjoy here!

Music & lyrics by Sofia Dragt
Production & mixing by Sofia Dragt
Mastering by Coenraad Dingemans
Artcover by Joost de Nooy & photo by Sofia Dragt
Islands Slow TV by Ruben Smit Productions, shot by Melchert Meijer zu Schlochtern
Another One electric guitar by Evert Zeevalkink
Out Of Town acoustic guitar by Liloe Barend

Come Home on nr. 2 in ‘Reclamemuziek Top 40!
Come Home, the song I wrote for the TV campaign by the Dutch insurance Interpolis, was nominated for the Reclamemuziek (commercial) Top 40 in The Netherlands and I’ve got very exciting news!
We did it!!🍾 Thanks a lot to all who voted, Come Home is on nr. 2 on the Reclamemuziek Top40!! 🎉🙏

Thanks to Amp.Amsterdam and Interpolis! And congrats to Snelle and Joe Buck for being with me at the top 3!

Single Come Home out now!

It was incredible to write a song for the new Interpolis ‘Automodus’ TV campaign (NL). And I’m glad to tell you that I just released that song as a single!
Listen and stream it here !

© Jeroen Zondag

Check out the Interpolis commercial with my song:

Underwater out now!

My new song ‘Underwater’ is the second song I wrote on the remote island Fleinvaer in Norway.
It’s about being afraid of making life decisions, hiding the things you need most and just pretending there’s no problem.
The island was my ‘Underwater’, a world where I’m alone with my thoughts and don’t have to think about these decisions. Or, it’s about quarter-life crisis 😏

Listen to it here!

Music, lyrics and mixing – Sofia Dragt
Mastering – Coenraad Dingemans
Artcover  – Joost de Nooy

Het Wad on tv!


Het Wad, a nature documentary by Ruben Smit Productions. From May 6th 2020 every Wednesday on Dutch national television. I got to compose music for the whole four-part series!

Watch it here and see how beautiful the Dutch islands are.

For my showreel click here

Old Boat out now!

In November 2019 I trained self-isolation without even knowing it! 😉 I went to the remote Island of Fleinvaer near Bodø in the north of Norway for a couple of days. I’ve been a Norway lover for years now and this place, where you can only come by boat, inspired me so much! It was light outside just for a couple of hours and the sun didn’t rise above the mountain there, but that gave the sky amazing colors. I came there to write and writing was what I did. I wrote three songs which I will release as my new EP! The first one is Old Boat!
For the people who think, wow wtf, I want to go there! It’s called The Arctic Hideaway, a self-sufficient residency. An incredible place to stay and get inspired.
Old Boat is about perspective. That things can be different if you just look at it differently.

Listen to here on your favorite streaming channel!

Single ‘Strangers’!

Check out my neo-classical solo piano single ‘Strangers’ on all the streaming channels!
This track is born from my previous released song ‘We Are Just Strangers’.

Strangers on all streaming channels!


We Are Just Strangers Live at Wedgeview Studios


We made a live recording of We Are Just Strangers, at the Wedgeview studios!
We Are Just Strangers is one of the songs of the award winning (Berlin Motion Picture Festival) music short-film ‘Andras’ by me and Jonathan J. Smit.

Click on image for the video.

Cello: The Wong Janice
Video: Dirk De Graaff
Sound Engineer: Mark van Bruggen
Mixing: Sofia Dragt

We Are Just Strangers Tour!

Cool shows coming up!
During some shows (Hengelo & Deventer) I’ll be giving a so called ‘Third-Screen’ concert, while you’ll be given a QR code that leeds to the music short film ‘Andras’ and you can watch that award winning film while I play live music.
And I’ll give you a secret link to a not released live video as a present!
Hope to see you at a show!

New single Blameless on Spotify!

My new single Blameless! Inspired by ‘Meisje met haar in het water’ by Co Westerik.
It’s on Spotify and other channels right now, for now just for all the Dutch folks! And for the rest of mankind it’ll come to you at Feb 8!
And of course for everyone the music video is there 💙…

New music video for Blameless!

Really happy with this!!✨Check out my new music video for my song Blameless! Inspired by ‘Meisje met haar in het water’ by the artist Co Westerik for Art Rocks. 

Video made by the incredible Dirk De Graaff/VERS TV!

January 23rd we’re playing this song live at the finals of Art Rocks 2018 in Paradiso Amsterdam, hope you’ll be there! 

Andras award ‘Best Pop’ at BMPF!

I’m so very thankful and excited! After being nominated for ‘Music: Best Pop’, our music-film ‘Andras’ won this award at the Berlin Motion Picture Festival on December 15th!
A big shout out to the film crew led by Jonathan J. Smit and my music team Sander Huting, Wouter Vliegen, Justin Assiamah-Nicksteit. A big thanks for making this happen!

‘Andras’ has been nominated!

This is such a great honor!! Our music film ‘Andras’ has been nominated for ‘Music: Best Pop’ at the Berlin Motion Picture Festival! Very grateful for this!
A big thanks to Jonathan J. Smit and team for making this film to my music! 

December 15th will be the festival and award Ceremony at IL KINO in Berlin. Very very exciting!!

A big thanks to my music team: Sander Huting, Justin Assiamah-Nicksteit, Wouter Vliegen
And film team: Jonathan Smit, Sanne Maas, Ysbrant Bakker, Bernard Ausems, Merijn Swinkels

‘Last Time’ video out now!

My ‘Last Time’ video!!
So excited to show you this! Everytime I play this song and see the video I want to go back to this beautiful and magical place..! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Check out the video here

Last Time by Sofia Dragt
Produced by Sofia Dragt, Sander Huting, Justin Assiamah-Nicksteit, Wouter Vliegen.
Mixed by SkiggyRapz
Mastering by Amsterdam Mastering Video footage shot in Norway. (Regions of Oslo, Skåbu, Bergen, Stavanger) Thanks to Skåbu, Hyttegrend.
Video produced, directed and edited by Sofia Dragt.

‘Andras’ online and live!

You can watch the short film ‘Andras’ made by Jonathan J. Smit now! My songs Lighter, Still Here, We Are Just Strangers and Build A Home are part of the film.

Watch it here:

Not only it’s an online video but I play a longer Andras version also as a live filmconcert! If you have a favorite cosy art cinema where this show could fit in, please let me know!

Check out an impression of the live show here

New Album!

I’m so happy that my new album ‘Still Here’ is out now!
Listen to it on Spotify:

Very soon the short film, which is linked to four of the album songs, will be online! You can see the first part all the way at the top already!

New single ‘Lighter’!

My new single ‘Lighter’ is out now! I’m so very happy to share this with you!
This is the first part of the short film ‘Andras’ by Jonathan J Smit.

Many thanks to:
Sander Huting, Wouter Vliegen, Justin Assiamah-Nicksteit, Xander Nichting (Violin tracks), Skiggy Rapz, Amsterdam Mastering, CLIFF, Jonathan J Smit, Sanne Maas, Ysbrand Bakker, Bernard Ausems, Merijn Swinkels, Sena, Wouter Bos, Daphne van Pelt.
And all the crowd that funded via to realize this project!

New single!

Yeah! Check out BRÅVO ‘s new single that we made together.
Really enjoy writing with this great guy. Hope you like it!

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