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My album ISA is out today!✨
All inspired and created in Ísafjördur, Iceland. I’ve shared a few tracks already, but I love to share with you my instrumental pieces, the first and last part of the album are a sort of ‘Tuesday Tunes’ recorded on the old Steinway I had in my working space.
Another track called ‘Vegg’ was inspired by a hike where I could only see a wall of clouds. And then there’s a piece called ‘Twilight Cafe’ with sounds of the downstairs cafe.
Let me take you to that beautiful place through my music💚

Check it here!

Also available on Bandcamp!

Thanks again to everyone involved🙏
ArtsIceland Residency, Arnór Einarsson (video The Train Goes On), Nienke Broeren (boot percussion), Melissa Scharroo (Capribee, artcovers), Coenraad Dingemans (mastering).

Written, performed, produced and mixed by Sofia Dragt.

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Grutto! nu in de bioscoop

De nieuwe documentaire ‘Grutto!’ door Ruben Smit is nu te zien in de bioscoop!
Ik mocht hiervoor de gehele soundtrack maken en was verantwoordelijk voor de compositie, productie en mixing van de muziek.

Luister naar de soundtrack hier!

Dank aan Xander Nichting (violin), Gied van Oorschot (Cello) Guido Nijs (flute) and Nick Jongejan (banjo).



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