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‘Andras’ has been nominated!

This is such a great honor!! Our music film ‘Andras’ has been nominated for ‘Music: Best Pop’ at the Berlin Motion Picture Festival! Very grateful for this!
A big thanks to Jonathan J. Smit and team for making this film to my music! 

December 15th will be the festival and award Ceremony at IL KINO in Berlin. Very very exciting!!

A big thanks to my music team: Sander Huting, Justin Assiamah-Nicksteit, Wouter Vliegen
And film team: Jonathan Smit, Sanne Maas, Ysbrant Bakker, Bernard Ausems, Merijn Swinkels

‘Last Time’ video out now!

My ‘Last Time’ video!!
So excited to show you this! Everytime I play this song and see the video I want to go back to this beautiful and magical place..! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Check out the video here

Last Time by Sofia Dragt
Produced by Sofia Dragt, Sander Huting, Justin Assiamah-Nicksteit, Wouter Vliegen.
Mixed by SkiggyRapz
Mastering by Amsterdam Mastering Video footage shot in Norway. (Regions of Oslo, Skåbu, Bergen, Stavanger) Thanks to Skåbu, Hyttegrend.
Video produced, directed and edited by Sofia Dragt.

‘Andras’ online and live!

You can watch the short film ‘Andras’ made by Jonathan J. Smit now! My songs Lighter, Still Here, We Are Just Strangers and Build A Home are part of the film.

Watch it here:

Not only it’s an online video but I play a longer Andras version also as a live filmconcert! If you have a favorite cosy art cinema where this show could fit in, please let me know!

Check out an impression of the live show here

New Album!

I’m so happy that my new album ‘Still Here’ is out now!
Listen to it on Spotify:

Very soon the short film, which is linked to four of the album songs, will be online! You can see the first part all the way at the top already!

New single ‘Lighter’!

My new single ‘Lighter’ is out now! I’m so very happy to share this with you!
This is the first part of the short film ‘Andras’ by Jonathan J Smit.

Many thanks to:
Sander Huting, Wouter Vliegen, Justin Assiamah-Nicksteit, Xander Nichting (Violin tracks), Skiggy Rapz, Amsterdam Mastering, CLIFF, Jonathan J Smit, Sanne Maas, Ysbrand Bakker, Bernard Ausems, Merijn Swinkels, Sena, Wouter Bos, Daphne van Pelt.
And all the crowd that funded via to realize this project!

New single!

Yeah! Check out BRÅVO ‘s new single that we made together.
Really enjoy writing with this great guy. Hope you like it!

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