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I do like spending time with people a lot, but I also see myself as a good companion when I’m alone. This started when I was just a young and very small girl, I remember being easily entertained by having a small stool and a cd of one of the classics of classical music that I got from my father. I would get up that stool and pretend I was the conductor of that orchestra that was playing through the speakers. Just waving my hands like I knew what I was doing. At that moment if somebody asked me what I wanted to become in life, I would say I’d be a conductor. When I didn’t have the possibility to play that cd, I would imagine how the orchestra would sound but then I made my own harmonies and melodies in my head. Later on I realized that was when my love for composing started.

That was in the 90’s. And now we’re here. Still thankful for having that little companion of a creator in me. Letting me make new music and constantly developing as a composer and songwriter. Thinking in possibilities and believing in the imaginative mind.

My life as it is now is partly making songs as an artist and partly as a composer for documentaries, short-film and media. It’s all about creating new music, that’s what I still enjoy the most.
As a film composer I’m now working on a Dutch nature documentary series ‘WAD’ (about the islands of The Netherlands) by Ruben Smit, that will be aired on Dutch national television in April/May 2020. I worked with that same director in the past for another documentary called ‘De Schatkamer van de Veluwe’. A beautiful part of The Netherlands, close to where I grew up.
As a nature and Norway lover I recently went to an island near the city of Bodø. For one because I enjoy traveling on my own, doing things that are unplanned and sometimes impulsive. But also this trip was even better because I went to that island to get inspired and write new music. I came back with a bunch of new songs and one of them is called ‘Old Boat’ that will be released in March!
The reason I go to such a beautiful place is that it feels like I’m in my own film, live and playing only at that moment. And with a movie comes a soundtrack. When I travel, hike or just am in nature, I always have music in my ears, to connect the music with that live film that’s playing right in front of me.
That’s one of the reasons I made the short film ‘Andras’ with filmmaker Jonathan J. Smit, filmed in Iceland. I asked him to make this film on four of my songs of my album ‘Still Here’. One of the songs is called ‘We Are Just Strangers’ and I released a neo-classical solo piano version of that one and named it ‘Strangers’ in February. This is a film for you and everyone to see, not only my eyes. Not only playing just one time, but able to see it at any time.

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Music news
Single Come Home out now!

It was incredible to write a song for the new Interpolis ‘Automodus’ TV campaign (NL). And I’m glad to tell you that I just released that song as a single!
Listen and stream it here !

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Check out the Interpolis commercial with my song:

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Film music
Het Wad on tv!


Het Wad, a nature documentary by Ruben Smit Productions. From May 6th 2020 every Wednesday on Dutch national television. I got to compose music for the whole four-part series!

Watch it here and see how beautiful the Dutch islands are.

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