Sofia Dragt
Singer & Composer
Sofia Dragt is a singer, composer and producer who’s pure songs, fortified with subtle classical undertones, capture your imagination. Read more

She was born in Wageningen, Netherlands in 1990. The natural world has a significant influence on Sofia Dragt. In her opinion music is far more than just sound. Imagery and atmosphere play just as vital a role. You’ll see a movie in your head while listening. The tone of each song is masterfully colored by Sofia’s own piano accompaniments. She began to play the piano at five years old and wrote her first song when she was twelve.
Not only she composes popsongs but also music for film. Her latest project was a documentary about Dutch nature called ‘De Schatkamer van de Veluwe’ by Ruben Smit.

In 2008 Sofia circumnavigated the globe with the international, non-profit organization ‘Up with People’; reaching many states in the US, as well as major stops in Mexico and Thailand. The group consisted of more than hundred youth from all over the world that performed in a different city each week.

Her first single ‘Cloud Chase’ was released in January 2013 and her first EP ‘Over Rainbows’ was available in May 2013 on iTunes and Spotify.

Sofia Dragt won the first price at a National music competition called ‘de Grote Prijs van Nederland’ in the Netherlands in 2013.

In March 2014, she released her single Till It’s Over and she released her debut album ‘I See You’ in October 2014.
In 2017 her next record ‘Still Here’ was released. Together with the short-film ‘ANDRAS’ as a part of the music experience, released 2017.

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Music news
‘Last Time’ video out now!

My ‘Last Time’ video!!
So excited to show you this! Everytime I play this song and see the video I want to go back to this beautiful and magical place..! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Check out the video here

Last Time by Sofia Dragt
Produced by Sofia Dragt, Sander Huting, Justin Assiamah-Nicksteit, Wouter Vliegen.
Mixed by SkiggyRapz
Mastering by Amsterdam Mastering Video footage shot in Norway. (Regions of Oslo, Skåbu, Bergen, Stavanger) Thanks to Skåbu, Hyttegrend.
Video produced, directed and edited by Sofia Dragt.

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